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Jim is a lover of life and travel. He enjoys nothing more than slinging a backpack over his shoulder and setting off across the globe with his wife, Susan. He believes that travel is more about the people you meet along the way and less about the sites on your itinerary. This novel blends his travel and life experiences to create a beautiful novel set on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Santorini. He share his insights on life, love and travel.

Professionally, he was a nationally recognized educator. Prior to retiring, he had a successful career as a classroom teacher, principal, assistant professor and college administrator. He garnered an array of awards, including the National Distinguished Principal of Nevada ((1999), Distinguished Alumni Award-University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh (2007) and the i-Teach Teaching Excellence Award – Nevada State College (2010). His educational writing credentials include; being a reviewer for a national education journal, educational columnist, and an author of numerous educational journal publications.

Leaving education behind and now following his dreams, Jim is a regular contributor to Destinations Travel Magazine and currently writes a travel column, “Side Roads”.  Jim’s new adventure is never more than an airline ticket away.

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