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Full of colours and light! Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel is a chronicle of travel and romance."   Vasiliki Aggelou –
Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel captures the timeless allure and seductive charm of Santorini's beguiling beauty."     
Poetic and Romantic! Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel folds you into the beauty of one of Greece's most stunning islands, a setting that also unfolds the unsaid stories between a retired couple on their dream vacation -- a vacation they've waited their whole lives to take.”    Marissa Tejada – Author of Chasing Athens


Jim LaBuda’s Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel paints a colorful, dreamy picture of an enchanting Greek Island. Readers will fantasize about embarking upon their own adventure and experience the fun vicariously through the eyes of the very relatable characters."    Kate Ryan-Media Relations Coordinator, The Travel Goods Association
The author draws his readers in, taking them on a journey to an exotic destination that he helps them see in vivid detail - weaving each locale - like a tapestry - into his story. Be warned... it will leave you wanting to pack your bags and buy a plane ticket - or two!"   Darlene Perrone, Editor –


Santorini Escape: Life, Love, and Travel not only explores the aesthetic beauty of this very famous Greek Island, but also examines a couple’s interpersonal relationships affected by a momentous life-changing decision.” Rebecca Hall - Author of Girl Gone Greek